In the surroundings of Brande some of the most beautiful and versatile nature in Mid Jutland can be found, examples are heath and moors, lignite pits, woods, plantations, lakes and streams.

The beautiful nature has been a ”well-kept secret” amongst locals, however thanks to the great effort and cooperation between the municipality of Ikast-Brande and the local landowners, there are plenty of opportunities to get out into the nature.

Brandlund Moor and Heath

On the fringe of the town at Nordlundvej, you find Brandlund Moor with the heath and heather covered hills behind. Hiking tracks are great for walks for the whole family or a quick run. On some of the tracks you may ride your bike or horse. During summer the moors are grassed by sheeps. 


Brande's park just outside city, with lots of space to have fun in. Go for a walk, ride you bike, play on th big playground, go for a picnic, follow the windings of the stream through the park or just finding shade underneath the old tall trees on a hot summer day.rdage.

Uhre Naturpark og Fiskesø

A popular picnic spot both for families and schools just outside the village of Uhre. A small and cosy fishing lake with a roofed fire place.

Harrild Hede - Nature Center and Playground

Harrild Hede between Ikast and Brande west of The Jutlandic Ridge, in one of the largest and desolated areas in Mid Jutland. Moors with heather and grass, plantations and small streams offers opportunity to watch deer, birds - and maybe the wolf. 

Close to the nature center there is a small spot with shelters where it is allowed to stay the night. On the other side of Fasterholtvej you find a playground in the woods and a picnic shelter.


A very popular picnic and running place with beautiful landscape and plentiful wildlife. 

The over 100 years old (still working) hydroelectric power station was complete damaged in November 2013 after a very rainy autumn. The dam broke and the power station slipped off its foundation and the lake ran dry within very short time. 

Skjern Å quickly found its natural course at the bottom of the lake and now runs as it did before the lake and dam were built. 

At present it is not known what will happen to the power station and the former lake.


Den Skæve Bane

Den Skæve Bane - The Crooked Railway - is a part of the long closed railways running through Jutland from Esbjerg to Funder at Silkeborg. The path from Brande to Drantum is hightly suitable for a bike ride for the whole family and is also used a lot by runners.

Søby Brunkulslejer

The lignite pits in Søby at Fasterholt are both fascinating and dangerous. Lignite - or brown coal - was also named "the brown gold" and Søby and Brande were the Danish version of the Ruhr district in Germany. 

At Søby clearly marked paths gives you access to a spectaclular nature experience. A very popular film based on Danish bestseller author Morten Korchs novel ”Vagabonderne på Bakkegården” was filmed at Søby.