Are you planning to move to Brande?

Living in the Municipality of Ikast-Brande means living in the heart of Jutland. Here you find a rich and diverse nature, small and welcoming towns and a thriving business community.

Whether you are moving to Brande as a family with children or you are coming as a couple or on your own the municipality has something to offer. There is a guarantee for childcare, well-equipped schools, an International School and an IB International Studies. There are a variety of leisure activities as well as shopping possibilities and cultural events.

The town of Brande is not very big, but hard work and determination has created an active and globally oriented community, and we are growing.

Welcome to the Municipality of Ikast-Brande


Email: - Phone: +45 99 60 40 00 - Fax: +45 99 60 40 40


Useful links: - here you will find all of the usefull links neede when setteling







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