Day Care Centres & Preschools

Day care and preschools in Brande:

Children aged 0 - 2.9 years:

  • Nursery at ”Vibereden” with room for 22 children.
  • Day-care with one adult to create a family and homely environment in an unit with 3-4 other children. The day-care has its own nursery curriculum focusing on learning, development, health and well-being.

Children aged 2.9 - 5 years: 5 kinder gardens in Brande, 1 in Uhre and 1 in Blåhøj.

Each institution is clearly defined by its own characteristic feature, both physical environment and how everyday life is planned. All kinder gardens work with the 6 themes in their curriculums: Body & Motion, Language, Social Competencies, Personal Competencies, Culture & Cultural Differences, Nature & Natural Phenomenons. We aim at enriching the childrens day with a lot of good experiences giving development and well-being a high priority. We appreciate dialog and close contact and value parental cooperation highly.

We cooperate closely with all schools, the after-school-care and other partners in Ikast-Brande Municipality. We work with entrepreneurship and cooperate with both social associations and other institutions. Our entrepreneurship turns into special projects and participation in the annual Children´s Carnival in Brande.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or read more about we offer here: Daginstitutioner Brande (external link)


Brande Børnehave (60 children)

Blichersvej 20, Brande
Tlf. 99603520
Helle Gregersen,


Børnehuset Brande (82 children)
Gl. Thyregodvej 76
Tlf. 99603530
Marianne Nielsen,


Tumlehøj (60 children)
Ågade 14, Brande
​Tlf. 99603560
Helle Gregersen,


Kernehuset (40 children)
Blåhøj Skolevej 4, Blåhøj
​Tlf. 99603810
Charlotte Skipper,


Uhrskoven (38 children)
Gydevej 2, Uhre
Tlf. 99603570
Dorthe Larsen,


Vibereden (85+22 children)
Vibevej 110, Brande
​Tlf. 99603550
Anne Dankleff,


Åhaven (50 children)
Ole Bendix Vej 2, Brande
​Tlf. 99603540
Helle Gregersen,


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