After School Classes​ and Youth Club

The after school classes offer a broad range of programs and activities for teenagers and young people aged 13 to 18. 

You can choose between classes that:

  • upgrades your academic competencies
  • helps you start up a new exiting hobby
  • makes you be able to create your own useful utilities

The Danish Primary School Final Exam can be recited, or choose programs that support your final exam from the primary school.

13-18 year old can participate in all classes for free. Young adults above 18 years can participate if there are free seats available and must pay equipment and/or material cost themselves. 

Youth Club "Pakhuset"

"Pakhuset" at Stationsvej is Brande's youth club where teenagers meet and have fun every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10 p.m.  

It is possible to do your homework, surf the internet, listen to music, play pool, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, watch a movie on big screen or have fun with friends.

"Pakhuset" hosts schools parties, parties with live music, disco, stand-up, or something completely else.

Both the after school class and the youth club are alcohol free.